Monday, August 9, 2010

Hi, My Name is Marci, and I Forgot to Wipe My Butt

Ok, so I know I'm not the only person with this phenomenon called "Mommy Brain"; definition: a condition that begins during pregnancy and gets worse after childbirth, where the brain seems to shut itself off and never restore itself completely. Since having children, I've forgotten everything from returning phone calls (I'm a frequent forgetter on this one) to forgetting to pay bills on time, forgetting to take important medication, and even forgetting my kids birthdays (yes, this was a low point for me). Why does this happen? I know docs say hormone imbalances and depression/anxiety can play a role in this, but how do you combat it besides taking tons of meds? Or even worse, when you can't remember to take the meds...ughhhh....
Unless you are a mommy, you can't possibly understand how upsetting and frustrating this is. Take the hubby for example...asks me 30 times to call the internet company, which I KNOW needs to happen because the internet isn't working properly...even texts me the phone number...but do I do it? Nope. Not because I don't want the internet to work...but simply because I forgot. So, I put a note on the counter and a note on my steering wheel to remind me. Did that help? Nope. Why, you ask? Well, first off because when I saw the notes and went to get my phone, I had FORGOTTEN where I put the daggone phone. And when I finally tore apart my car and found it, I was so stressed about the phone, I totally forgot the whole reason I was searching for it. And now that I've found it, have I called yet? Nope. Because I sat down at the computer to Google search the source of my toothache-after-filling, and then realized I've been FORGETTING to write new blog post for over a month now. Then I started stewing over what to write about...and decided upon Mommy Brain. You'd think I would call RIGHT NOW, but alas, my phone has wandered off again...I dunno why the phone company gave my cell phone legs...I'll have to call them about that...
Anywho, the incurable case of Mommy Brain I've developed over the years has not only cost me a ton of money in late fees, but also many arguments with the hubster, lost business for not returning calls quick enough (or at all), and even a few tense moments with friends that I've neglected to call because I forget, and when I finally remember, I don't call because I'm nervous they are mad at me (makes no sense, I know). So, if you ever see me, two screaming kids in tow, running to the bathroom at Walmart (cuz that place always makes me have to poop), please remind me to wipe my butt because I'd hate to forget that, too...


  1. HAHAHAHA I love this!! Looking forward to reading more in the future. You're an amazing writer with a great sense of humour. DUH...that's why we're friends! Keep up the great work.

    ♥ Nikia

  2. are so funny!!! My MIL has to poop everytime she goes to Walmart too! I know exactly what you mean with "mommy brain."

  3. OMG, Marci! You are too much! You nailed it! Love it!!!!