Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Been a Cupcake Bouquet Kinda' Day...

So, today I experimented with a new project...a cupcake bouquet. I can't claim the idea, but I did do my own "arrangement" and also taught myself how to make buttercream roses, so all in all it was pretty successful. As with any "first time" project, I learned a few tips along the way that I want to share in case you want to try to make one on your own. (Or you can always have me, The Cake Spot, make one for you!!)
Anyhow, Tip #1: Make sure the styrofoam ball you select to fit in the flowerpot is not wider in the middle than the actual flowerpot...this causes gravity to work against you! Tip #2: Try to make the frosting on top of each cupcake not too heavy...again, darn you gravity! Tip #3: Chill the cupcakes, already frosted, for about 20 minutes before arranging them on the ball. This way they are a little harder than they are in their room temp state and are therefor easier to work with. And last, Tip #4: Use a good, substantial toothpick/skewer to stick the cupcakes on. Anything too thin will not hold the cupcake's weight and will droop/break. Also, the mini cupcakes were much lighter and therefor stayed in place MUCH better and more securely attached...I think next time I will attempt one that looks like a topiary, but with only mini cupcakes. Anyone need something like that anytime soon?!?! :)
In other news, strep throat has taken over my poor tonsils again and the doc is talkin' tonsil removal. Anyone know someone who's had their tonsils out as an adult? I know kids do it a lot, but I don't know any adults who have had to have their taken out, and from what I read it's a lot riskier beyond the childhood years. Just another one of my "good fortunes"...HA!
Tomorrow we are going to Lexington for the girls to model some clothes and accesories for a new business called Mommy and Me Boutique. Angelina is BEYOND excited and told me before bed tonight she was gonna "vogue" in the pictures! She's a character...
Also, yay yay YAY for the Lexington Children's Theater cake contest that I will be participating in in August!! I am doing a cake based on the book/play "Click, Clack, Moo...Cow's That Type". So excited! If you have any ideas to throw out there, send 'em my way!
Goodnight's some food for thought before bed: If you were in a situation where you HAD to pick one of the two following things, which would you pick and why- #1) Get a tattoo of Mickey Rourke that spanned your ENTIRE back, or #2) wear sour cream and chive deodorant for the rest of your life...hmmmm....

Thursday, June 24, 2010

I LOATHE Cleaning...My Very Own "Neverending Story"!

Good morning! What a busy week it's been in the Pelayo household. And still SO much to do!!!! I've been in a MUCH needed cleaning mode, and yesterday I got the grand idea to clean out all the kitchen cabinets, even though I have many more actual rooms to clean. It's been a LONG time since I've done that, and I almost wish I hadn't because it's been quite a project...although I KNOW in the long run it needed to be done. Sadly, the only two rooms in the house that are completely finished are my 2 daughters' rooms, but I got some new motivation to clean the guest room now because it's going to be Sophia's (the 2 year old's) "big girl" room and my momma just bought her new bedding. Check it out here.
So here's my major dilemma...Goodwill or yard sale? Is it better to have $$$ in your hand, or donate to a good cause and write off (on your taxes) probably 4 times the amount you'd make off a yard sale?? To yard sale or Goodwill, that is the question....hmmmm....

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Cakes and Prayers

Well, the guitar cake was a SUCCESS! It came out cute...and it was an awesome learning experience in the making.
My suggestion to all to cake artists out there that are thinking of making one for the first time --> use rice krispie treats for the staff. I think it would have looked a lot "cleaner"...luckily the guitar is supposed to be fun and toy-ish (another invented word), so the fact that it's measurements are a little off adds to it's fun. I'll just keep telling that to my OCD self! My kitchen still hasn't recovered from the flurry of powdered sugar, but hopefully by tomorrow it will be back to normal.

In a few hours we will load the cake in the car en route to Louisville...this is what makes me the MOST nervous because I haven't ever traveled that far with a cake in the car. Fortunately I think it should be a relatively easy transport since the cake is flat, but crazy things can happen to a cake in the car so I will breath easier once we get there.

On another note, while surfing Facebook, I came across a link to a blog of a friend of a friend of a friend etc. Sadly, this precious young mommy and her husband lost their sweet baby boy at just a few weeks old (if even that). I went to her blog and read a lot of her posts from the day she found out she was pregnant, throughout her pregnancy, the day they found out their son had a problem with his heart, the day he was born, and through their ordeal the past few weeks post delivery. There is no post saying he passed, but the person whose FB page I got the link from posted it, and there are no posts since 6/19. When my girls woke up this morning and immediately started fighting, my first reaction was to spank, put in time out, and so on...but after reading this mommy's blog I couldn't help but to tear up even in the midst of the chaos of my life. Please say a prayer for this beautiful family and for their little boy who is now in the arms of the Lord.
You can click on the link below to read about them, and there is also a prayer button if you want to show your support that way.

Thursday, June 17, 2010


Well, this is my first EVER blog post and I am SUPER excited to be writing it! While designing the blog page, I have also been planning my attack on my first ever guitar cake that I am going to make tomorrow for my best friend's son's birthday party on Saturday. Excited? Yea. Scared? YESSSS!! While I love taking on new projects, I always get nervous. Luckily it's for a soon-to-be 4 year who said he wants "cake and frosting" so as long as it vaguely resembles a guitar I think he will be fine. Me on the other hand...perfectionist extraordinaire...this may require a Xanax...