Thursday, July 8, 2010

I'm Baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaccccccccckkkkkkkkkk

No, I didn't go anywhere (unless you count "crazy" as somewhere! HA!) Sadly, I have been neglecting my lil' bloggy poo and just realized I have followers out there who are DYING for a new post. (Again, another HA...but thank you to my two loyal followers :) Love you girls!) Anyhow, I have a friend named Bonnie Carpenter and she is the creator of Just a Clip Away, which is a blog with link to AMAZING coupons and mega deals. Gals, she's the real deal (no pun intended...okay, maybe it was intended...) Anyhow, not only is she a coupon diva, she does giveaways on her site. In fact, I sponsored last week's giveaway for a personalized Christmas ornament, and I just now entered for this week's TWO awesome giveaways...a set of flip flops w/ matching bows and a $50 gift card. You can enter here. Become a fan of hers on FB to stay up to date on all her coupon finding prowess!! She also offers coupon classes...I am going on Monday July 12th, and I CANNOT WAIT!!!! And to top it all off she is a sweetheart with two beautiful kiddos...a SAHM during the week...and let's face it, us mommies have to support each other. Speaking of which...if you haven't joined my friend Desiree Rowe's mommy network {Mom}tini, you are MISSING OUT. Click here to join ASAP, and friend {Mom}tini on FB, too, by clicking here. I have met several friends on {Mom}'s like internet dating, but rather for making new friends and I guess it could be called internet "friending"? Wow if that doesn't sound desperate...LOL
I also have a recipe for you...and NO it's not cake! (*Gasp, gurgle* shocked look on your face as you realize I do cook more than just cake!) For those of you who went to UK at ate at Ovid's under the library, I have recreated the famous tuna burger. Yes, it may sound NASTY but it is yummy...SO yummy my two picky eaters ate it up without a blink of the eye!
Here it is:
-Two large cans of tuna (in water, drained)
-Two eggs
-1 cup of italian seasoned breadcrumbs (you MAY wanna add a lil' more if your mixture it too soupy)
-2 generous slices of sweet red onion, diced
-garlic salt, pepper, and lemon juice to taste (I used a LOT of garlic salt!)
*Mix all ingredients together, make patties, and "grill" in a frying pan...a little butter/margarine gives it a nice golden brown w/ white american cheese towards end of grilling, and serve on a sesame seed bun w/ lettuce and tomato....
Enjoy and let me know what you think!!!!


  1. That recipe looks good! You could probably do the same but as a crabmeat version using some Old Bay seasoning.

    Liz Bornwasser

  2. Gonna have to try that one...looks super yummy!