Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Today is officially our last day of summer in the Pelayo household, as the girls start back to school tomorrow. We spent the day hanging out with our friends a few streets away, playing in the pool and just having fun. When I got home, I was perusing the many giveaways that my friends have posted on their blogs, and entered a few. Click here to enter two great ones on Just A Clip Away (Mimi Loves Sookie and GracieLuv Creations giveaways.) As I sat there entering away, I was inspired. I was looking at all the cute things up for grabs, and realized how much I long to really exercise my artistic talents more, in way ways other than cake :) I've ventured into nursery paintings (murals), step stools, plates, ornaments...and I love it all. But, I also know I would need to narrow it down to really be able to market correctly. I can't just be a one-woman show! Those thougths then got my mind rolling...man oh man do I need a job. I real job. One that sends paychecks on a regular basis. Was I crazy to give up teaching? NO WAY. The public school system is on its way down the drain around here and I want NO part in it. But geesh, it was nice to get that paycheck every few weeks. At what price should we sacrifice our mental and physical well being for a check? And it's not like part-time receptionist jobs are growing on trees right now, because if they were I'd be at the front of the line. There are so many things I want to do: go to nursing school, go to beauty school, open a cake shop, start a party planning business, travel the world, have more kids, work as a receptionist and not have to take any work home with me each night, paint kids rooms and nurseries, etc etc etc...so how do you choose? I'm not old, but I'm not getting any younger, either, and I'd really like to know what direction my life is going in by the time I'm 30...
I'm pretty daggone confused...anyone else in that boat with me?

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