Friday, June 25, 2010

It's Been a Cupcake Bouquet Kinda' Day...

So, today I experimented with a new project...a cupcake bouquet. I can't claim the idea, but I did do my own "arrangement" and also taught myself how to make buttercream roses, so all in all it was pretty successful. As with any "first time" project, I learned a few tips along the way that I want to share in case you want to try to make one on your own. (Or you can always have me, The Cake Spot, make one for you!!)
Anyhow, Tip #1: Make sure the styrofoam ball you select to fit in the flowerpot is not wider in the middle than the actual flowerpot...this causes gravity to work against you! Tip #2: Try to make the frosting on top of each cupcake not too heavy...again, darn you gravity! Tip #3: Chill the cupcakes, already frosted, for about 20 minutes before arranging them on the ball. This way they are a little harder than they are in their room temp state and are therefor easier to work with. And last, Tip #4: Use a good, substantial toothpick/skewer to stick the cupcakes on. Anything too thin will not hold the cupcake's weight and will droop/break. Also, the mini cupcakes were much lighter and therefor stayed in place MUCH better and more securely attached...I think next time I will attempt one that looks like a topiary, but with only mini cupcakes. Anyone need something like that anytime soon?!?! :)
In other news, strep throat has taken over my poor tonsils again and the doc is talkin' tonsil removal. Anyone know someone who's had their tonsils out as an adult? I know kids do it a lot, but I don't know any adults who have had to have their taken out, and from what I read it's a lot riskier beyond the childhood years. Just another one of my "good fortunes"...HA!
Tomorrow we are going to Lexington for the girls to model some clothes and accesories for a new business called Mommy and Me Boutique. Angelina is BEYOND excited and told me before bed tonight she was gonna "vogue" in the pictures! She's a character...
Also, yay yay YAY for the Lexington Children's Theater cake contest that I will be participating in in August!! I am doing a cake based on the book/play "Click, Clack, Moo...Cow's That Type". So excited! If you have any ideas to throw out there, send 'em my way!
Goodnight's some food for thought before bed: If you were in a situation where you HAD to pick one of the two following things, which would you pick and why- #1) Get a tattoo of Mickey Rourke that spanned your ENTIRE back, or #2) wear sour cream and chive deodorant for the rest of your life...hmmmm....

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